Tin Can Bay Country Club Inc.
Kidd Straight (PO Box 180), Tin Can Bay Qld 4580
Ph: 07 5486 4231 Fax: 07 5486 4031 email

The Tin Can Bay Country Club can be found on the left hand side of the main road when
coming into Tin Can Bay.

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Tin Can Bay is on the East Coast of Queensland

Tin Can Bay is on the eastern Queensland coast of Australia

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Tin Can Bay is adjacent to the southern end of the world heritage listed Fraser Island. The Great Sandy Straits is considered to be one of the best and safest waterways in the world for sailing or house boating. There is hardly a day goes by when you can't observe dolphins, dugongs, sea turtles and beautiful bird life in their natural habitat.

Tin Can Bay is an easy 3 hour drive north of Brisbane, one and a half hours north of Noosa and 3 hours south of Bundaberg.

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