History of the Tin Can Bay Country Club (1966 - 1978)

The below is an exact copy of a small booklet written and produced in 1978 - dedicated to the Club, it's members and Tin Can Bay by Kate Kelly - current & previous presidents also listed here) - Also available in WordPad format click here.


The information contained in these records was abridged from minutes such as those of the public meeting held in Progress Hall on Sunday 24th July 1966, which was convened by Mr AF Griffin to discuss the possibility of the formation of a Tin Can Bay Country Club. About 70 people attended. Mr Griffin spoke of certain land that may be available along Kidd Straight and also that his company, Queensland Titanium Mines, would be able to assist in any clearing operations by providing equipment etc. He also went on further and suggested that Q.T.M. may also assist financially, possibly by means of a loan. At this meeting an Investigational Committee was formed and those elected were :

President - Mr Balderson
Vice Presidents - Messrs Tomkins and R Reibel
Secretary Mr Moller

Committee Messrs Gosley, Pooley, Mallett, Nugent, K Reibel, Gay, West and Mesdames Bale, Coombes, Siedenspiner, Nugent and Kellett.

At the meeting of the Investigational Committee held on 31st July 1966, Mr Griffin advised that he had been to see the Widgee Council and had been told that there were three areas of land available which could be used for recreational purposes - these were :

1. about 12 acres along the waterfront behind the hall
2. about 250 acres bordered by Kidd Straight, Schnapper Creek and the Refuse Tip
3. An area on the opposite side of Kidd Straight to No.2
Also at this meeting a special Committee was appointed :

Mr Griffin to confer with Messrs Clarkson (Widgee Engineer), Murphy (Gympie Golf Club Pro) and Dean (GGC Greenkeeper) as to the suitability of the site chosen.

Mr Balderson to contact Mr W Tyler regarding costs and plans for a Bowling Club
Mr Gosley to advise costs of equipment necessary to start an Indoor Bowling Club. Mr Gosley went on to say that six mats and bowls would cost approx $240
Mr West to price Billiard tables and accessories
Mr Moller to ascertain costs of (a) Squash Courts (b) Golf Course (c) Bowling Rinks
Mr Tomkins to ascetain building costs of a Club House.
Mr Tyler and Mr Stalley spoke on the subject of a Bowling Club - August 22 1966. At this same meeting Mr Mallett suggested an Archery club

Reports from the Special Committee were that a Squash Court would cost $8,000, Golf Course $1,000 to $2,000 per hole, Club House for 150 to 200 members $30,000 and Bowling Rink $8,000 This gave a grand total of approx $53,000

On the 28th August 1966, the first General Meeting of 50 members of the Tin Can Bay Country Club was held. $4.00 per person per annum was the fee. The Meeting elected the following as Committee Members :

Patron - A Griffin
President - G Balderson
Vice Presidents - A Tomkins, WN Buchanan & J Pooley
Secretary - G Moller
Treasurer - D Miller
Committee - R Reibel, M Hodges, D Clarkson, K Byrne, C Gosley, M Gay, Fl West, R Kliedon

Mr Hodges suggested that the newly formed club apply for a lease of 420 acres (approx) along Kidd Straight. By November 1966 the Land Department had granted a lease for the land.

Special Committees were set up :
Rules - Messrs Miller, Balderson and Moller
Building - Messrs Clarkson, Griffin, Reibel and Tompkins
Trustees - Messrs N Buchanan, M Hodges and A Griffin
The President Mr Balderson, at the November meeting tabled a sketch of a nine hole Golf Course prepared by Messrs Dean and Murphy of the Gympie Golf Club.


For some unwritten reason, little activity took place between 1966 - 1970. The Treasurer's report of 29th October 1970 showed a credit balance of $462.00 At this meeting in October 1970, a motion was unanimously carried by the attending 20 members that "Planning and construction of a Club House be undertaken immediately in conjunction with planning and construction of a Bowling Green".

Under the hand of Mr E Albion as secretary, the November 26th 1970 meeting only seven members attended and the planned January and February meetings had to be cancelled due to floods.


During the meeting of April 1971 the sub committee entitled Bowling Green/Club House was formed naming Messrs SK Pennycuick, E Albion and J Duus.

The concerted efforts of Mr SK Pennycuick, Manager of Queensland Titanium Mines, caused a revival of interest in the club.

On May 10th 1971, Mr Pennycuick presented a detailed estimate showing an overall figure of approximately $11,000 for the construction of a Bowling Green to RQBA standards. Also at the May 1971 meeting, the secretary was requested to write to Mr Griffin, as he had left the district, to relinquish his position as Trustee and to request Mr OD Paterson, Executive Director of Mineral Deposits Ltd to accept the position.

A draft Club Constitution was read to the same Meeting, amended where necessary and adopted.

November 1st 1971, Mr Pennycuick reported on the application to Mineral Deposits for financial assistance and advised that there was no likelihood of assistance in the near future. He moved that the Club now write to Q.T.M. for assistance.

Toilets had to be aquired from the Shire and C.W.A. Cottage for the anticipated Christmas Party.

On the fund raising side, the ladies investigated the running of raffles at the hotel. Bayside Cattle Co. harvested the Lotnous (chocolate boxes) growing on the Golf Course on a 50/50 basis.

Q.T.M. offered to engage someone on a temporary basis to care for the Greens at no cost to the Club and the offer was accepted.


Annual General Meeting held at the Shire Pavilion on May 18th 1972. Election of officers as follows :

President - Mr Pennycuick
Vice Presidents - Messrs Tomkins, Johnson & Boston
Secretary - Mr K Conway
Treasurer - Mr H McClure
Committee - Messrs J.Duus, A.Devine, G.Nicolsen, L.Reibel, Mesdames B.Conway, E.Hermann & O.Borchert

Fund raising was moving quite fast with donations from generous members and a fete which made a profit of $191.65

On 20th July 1972, it was written that $100 or more shall entitle ten years free membership to the Country Club, Bowls Club and Golf Club. This Bowls Foundation Membership shall be restricted to 31st December 1972.

The Treasurers report at the Committee Meeting held in the office of Q.T.M. on August 10th 1972 showed $1,927.70 credit. On the 23rd November 1072 at the meeting held at the Q.T.M. office, a motion was carried that "the Kandanga (Widgee Bowls Association) be invited to inspect the foundation construction of the Club's Bowling Green." Also at the previous meeting mention was made of an existing Club House and at this November Meeting, a plan for extension and alteration was presented by the President.

Research disclosed that the Widgee Shire provided the original Rainbow Beach Kiosk which became the first Club House. This building acquisition made an application for a liquor license possible.

Nothing is written in the Country Club Minutes, but records held by Captain Dick showed that the first 9 hole Stroke game was recorded on December 12th 1972


An approach was made to Mr H.Jones to cut the Golf Greens at a rate of $1.50 per hour and at this meeting of March 7th 1973, it was moved that the Secretary write to the Minister of Tourism & Sport notifying that the club cannot raise the figure to qualify for assistance on $1.00 for each $2.00 raised. On April 4th 1973 a cheque from the Country Club was presented to the Golf Associates to assist their financial position.

At the AGM of June 27th 1973, the credit balance as at 22nd May 1972 was $707.85. The income received to 31st March 1973 was $5,538.83 and the expenditure for that period was $3,347.23. The credit balance of cash in hand as per the Cash book and Bank statement for the year ending 31st March 1973 was $2,899.45

The President's address stated that from March 1972 to March 1973 $5,538.83 was collected and an amount of $3,347.23 was spent mainly on the Bowling Green after the first sod was turned on July 24th 1972

The Golf Club was accepted into the Wide Bay Golf Association. Mr Dick Kirchner was elected Golf Captain. The following were elected as office bearers :

President - Mr SK Pennycuick
Vice Presidents - Messrs J Duus & B Johnson
Secretary - Mr K Conway
Treasurer - Mr H McClure
Committee - Messrs A Tomkins, N Kirchner, R Marshall, E Love, T Brooks and Mrs H McClure

At the meeting held on July 4th 1973, the first Golf Match Committee was formed by the President, Captain D Kirchner, Vice Captain I Udovic and B Johnson and J Duus to conduct weekly nine hole competitions of golf.

The grass for the bowling green came from Woombye.

In November the credit balance dropped from $2,306.38 to $804.71


Membership cards were instigated on January 2nd 1974
Membership fees were $6.00 as from February 6th 1974.

At the meeting of April 3rd 1974, the secretary reported that the Commonwealth Bank had refused a request for a loan on the grounds that the Club held the wrong type of leases on the controlling land.

Somewhere about this time, the Bowls club decided on the Mud Crab as it's emblem and in December 1977, the Country Club used the same emblem on it's badge.

President's report of 1974 Annual Meeting stated that the liquor license had been obtained. Membership totaled 209. Election of office bearers as follows :

President - Mr SK Pennycuick
Vice Presidents - Messrs B Johnson & J Duus
Secretary - Mr K Conway
Treasurer - Mr F West
Committee - Messrs A Tomkins, W Hoyle, C McPaul, T Brooks, W Hoyle Mesdames B Fraser & M Easment

It is written in the minutes of June 10th 1974 "to ensure good working relations exist with sporting games, the following were elected: " Golf Committee - SK Pennycuick, D Kirchner (Captain), J Duus, B Johnson, C McPaul. Bowls - SK Pennycuick, W,Hoyle, T Brooks and E Love

Bowling Green available for play on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday between 2 and 4 pm

At the same meeting, the suggested Country Club Ball was left in abeyance.

Also the extension plan to the Club House was submitted to the Widgee Shire for building approval. Estimate $1,000 labour $720.00

Golfers were extended "Preferred Lies" as from August 5th 1974

Bowls Committee formed after public notice of September 8th 1974

Fund raising events included the cost of free visit by Webb Bros on October 5th 1074 - $932.00 was netted

Although instigated early 1974 when the land opposite owned by Mr Carter was used, an enquiry was made by Mr L Reibel on October 7th 1974 about an area of Country Club land being made available for the forming of a Model Aero Club. After permission was received from the Army to fly so close to their airstrip, approval was given for the use of land on March 3rd 1975

Credit balance on November 1974 was $2,489.31


Committee meeting of January 6th 1975 raised fees to $8.00

Advertised position of Greenkeeper in February 1975 and Mr W Hargreaves became the Club's first full time greenkeeper of the greens.

February 3rd 1975 enquiry was made re freeholding land in order to secure the new Club House.

The Committee also felt that an application be submitted to receive R.E.D. funds.

A Planning Committee was formed at the meeting held on March 3rd 1975 and those elected were Messrs SK Pennycruick, N Paulger, K Conway, B Johnson, C McPaul and T Brooks. At the 7th April 1975 meeting, Mrs M Driver who was doing the drawing of the new Club House, was advised that the Club had calculated a loan of $25,000 as being as much as the Club could afford on present trading. Mrs Driver withdrew from any further work on the Club specifications on February 2nd 1976.

Trail Bikes area was brought under discussion at the Annual General Meeting of 1975. On June 2nd 1975 Officer Frohmuller stated that 25 acres would be needed and the Club approved it on August 4th 1975.

The Treasurer at the 1975 Annual Meeting, showed a profit of $5,877.98. Of this, a Special Account called the "Tin Can Bay Country Club Development Fund" had in it $2,350.00

The President reported that we now had an offer of a Special Lease of two hectares over the Club House and Bowling Green areas with right to freehold provided the sum of at least $25,000 is spent on a new club house.

Those elected at the 1975 Annual General Meeting were :

President - Mr SK Pennycuick
Vice Presidents - Messrs B Johnson & N Paulger
Secretary - Mr C McPaul
Treasurer - Mr F West
Committee - Mesrs T Brooks, S Eastment, A Tompkins. MesDames M Graham, nD Brooks & T Wendland

A Motion was carried to "borrow $30,000 repayable over 15 years to be used for the construction of a new club house"

Report of committee meetings are to be posted on the Club House

On the 2nd June it was noted that the Club had procured 4 tables and 16 chairs

From the minutes of July 7th 1975 a scheme whereby the Club apply for $29,996 from RED money and if realised it would leave about $32,000 to raise for the new building.

A call for a temporary greenkeeper to fill the vacancy of the permanent keeper was placed in the August minutes.

During the August meeting, discussion took place re extending the golf course to 12 holes but the President was against any money being used on the extension as it would deter the building of the new Club House.

The first 27 hole Open Championship was held in August 1975. Treasurers report of September 1st 1075 - $2,209.72. Development Fund $6,000

Mr C Wilson was appointed as new Greenkeeper.

Golf committee authorised to hold up to $50.00 for paying operating expenses. Later this $50.00 maximum rule applied to all segments of the club.

During October 1075 the Golf Associates bought sets of Clubs to be hired out at $1.00 and 50 cents for Associates and Juniors.

Club Constitution proofs had been received by the President.
Official opening of the Bowls - the 13th & 14th of December 1975
Coldroom purchased from G Nicolson for $1,000
1976 Membership increased to $10.00 at the December 1975 meeting
Golf Committee were approached to nominate a member to fill the vacancy of the resignation of the Secretary Mr C McPaul - Mr N Kelly accepted the nomination

First mention of liaison between Bayside Real Estate Co and the Club re propsed Golf Course improvements.

Widgee Shire Council advised to prepare specifications for new Club House.


At the same meeting of February 2nd 1976 it was reported that the Golf Committee had been wound up and all records handed to the secretary of the country Club.

On April 5 1976 the Golf Associates forwarded a letter stating they would not be undertaking any major fund raising during the coming year but work in a subsidiary manner to the Country Club efforts. However, at the 6th September 1976 meeting, both the Golf Associates and Lady Bowlers stated their desire to run raffles in their own name.

President's report of May 24 1976 said that the Bowls Club was now affiliated with R.Q.B.A.

In August 1975 the first 18 hole Club Chalpionship was held.

Statement re Bayside accepting the Club as a complimentary facility to their new land development scheme and in return they advance the Club $25,000 in stages over 12 months.

The following members were elected to office :

President - Mr SK Pennycuick
Vice Presidents - Messrs N Paulger & B Johnson
Secretary - Mr F West
Assistant Secretary - Mrs K Kelly
Treasurer - Mr F West
Committee - Messrs N Kelly, G Fewtrell, A Tomkins, T Brooks MesDames D Brooks & M Graham

Because it was felt preferable that the Club License be held in the name of a man, the position of an elected female Assistant Secretary in the form of a Minute Secretary was created.

The resolution was passed "that the Trustees be the Widgee Shire Council in Lieu of Messrs N Buchanan, A Griffin and M Hodges" as per meeting dated November 1966

At the meeting dated June 7th 1976 it was pointed out that the proposed new club house would cost $80,000 A new plan submitted by Cr Kelly would cost $55,000 and an approach authorised to contact Mr Rigby the builder on a "cost plus" basis.

By July 30th 1976 we saw an erection of the profile and workshed of the new club.

First Art Union of a beast which was donated by Mr G Fewtrell raised $388.00

During August 1976 a fund raising committee was formed incorporating 2 members from Golf Associates, Golf members, Lady bowlers, Mens Bowls abd the Aero Club.

At this meeting a Club House Building Committee was formed with Clr N Kelly as Chairman and Messrs N Paulger and F West

In the minutes of October 4 1976 it is stated that we transfered to the Sunshine Coast Golf Zone.

Loss of support was felt by the club with the closing down of Q.T.A. in 1976

Unofficial opening of new Club House was December 31st 1976 - cost of building was $50,000. Official opening was March 19th 1977

March 7th 1977 application signed for $15,000 on a subsidy of $5,000 for Golf Course improvements.

Take at the bar for the month of February was $3,300

At the 1977 AGM the following elections took place :

President - Cr N Kelly
Vice Presidents - Messrs N Paulger & B Johnson
Secretary - Mrs K Kelly
Treasurer - Mr E Fewtrell
Committee - Messrs F West, R Robinson, D Kirchner, D Carlyon Mesdames D Wright and O Reibel

This was the first year that nomination forms were used for elections.

It was at this meeting that it was announced that the Club liquor license was not in the name of an individual but in the name of Tin Can Bay Country Club who holds the license.

The same meeting carried the motion that The Rainbow Beach Sports and Recreational Club receive assets the club may ever have if ever it is dissolved. This is a reciprocal arrangement.

June 6th 1977 stated that a subsidy of $3,141.66 had been received.

The same meeting reported that triplicate receipt books were installed in Golf honour boxes.

A monthly interest bearing account was opened with $2,500 out of the credit balance of $4,312.81. At a later meeting in July it was moved that each month $350 be paid into this account to cover mortgage payments.

Along with the Fund raising committee, the Country Club decided to form 4 sub committees namely Membership, Providore, Finance and Greens.

Membership - Mr E Fewtrell & Mesdames O Reibel & K Kelly
Providore - Messrs N Kelly, N Paulger, R Robinson & E Fewtrell
Finance - Messrs N Kelly, E Fewtrell & N Paulger

Greens - Messrs N Kelly, N Paulger & D Kirchner

Under the heading of "Bayside Village" in the August 1st 1977 minutes, the president after receiving the company's cheque for $10,000 elaborated on the anticipated Government subsidy and pointed out that it will be some considerable time before the Club is again in a position to consider substantial improvements on the Golf Course and Bowling Green.

The Committee resolved that Mr Friske head greenkeeper of the Gympie Bowls Association and Mr Hargreaves greenkeeper of Wavell Heights, be contacted for their opinion as to what action should be taken on the bowling green as it, in certain parts, was not responding to treatment.

Mr John Burley, professional golf course designer, was engaged for his opinion on the golf course.

At the September meeting, it was moved to proceed with the alterations to the Bowling Green, Putting Greens and Fairways. Mr B Johnson was employed to work on the construction.

On September 27th 1977 the last game of bowls was played before the green was ripped up on September 28th 1977

Manual help came from members and Kandanga. Heavy equipment from the Widgee Shire and Mr L Reibel. River gravel and sand from Kandanga and Tiff Dwarf grass from Hervey Bay.

Decenber 6th 1977 Mrs K Kelly became the first member of the club to be elected to the Gympie District Ladies Bowling Association


1977/1978 recorded as the worse drought and yet the new grass survived and on January 12th 1978 play once again resumed and it was agreed that the reconstruction was "fantastic".

At the time of writing, it is anticipated that the Golf Course will be completed well before the August Carnival.

On Saturday February 4th 1978 being the start of the third year of entry into the Gympie & Widgee Bowls Association Pennants, the side representing the club comprising : S Mountfort (L), V Wright (S), C Walker (T), N Paulger (S), and R Roninson (L), H McClure (S) G Fewtrell (T), N Kelly (S), won the first ever match against Albert Bowls Club at Albert.

At the AGM of the Men's Bowls Club held on February 13th 1978 another first for the club was recorded when N Kelly was elected their President and Mrs K Kelly holds the Presidency of the Ladies Bowling Club.

February 1978 financial membership totalled 275

Over the twelve years of the Club, much of it's success has been attributed to volunteer workers and working bees.